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Minority Serving Institutions ( Msis ) - 1415 Words

Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) serves to provide a college education for citizens across racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic differences that were excluded from higher education throughout the United States History. Minority-Serving Institutions work towards producing superior results with fewer resources while being evaluated using the same accreditation standards as prestigious majority public and private institutions (Fester, 2012, p. 816). Minority-Serving Institutions are represented by Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), and Asian American, Native American, Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs), and Minority Services†¦show more content†¦Laws and informal practices were exercised in the 1800s forbidding African-Americans to have the access to reading and writing (Williams, 2007). HBCUs granted the admission of African-American and postsecondary certification when other institutions excluded their participation (Palmer, 2010, p.767). With 107 HBCUs over 228,000 enrolled (U.S. Department of Education, 1991). African-Americans have increased attending colleges by the 1940s while being funded by the U.S Department of Education however limited monies supporting HBCUs casted attention away from HBCUs. In response Fredrick D. Patterson, then president of Tuskegee Institute, suggested private funding efforts. As a result, in 1944 presidents of 29 private HBCUs created the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). The UNCF served solely as a fund raising organization but evidently turned its attention on advocacy and educational roles for African-American students (Gasman, 2007). The Higher Education Act of 1965 amended in Title III authorized funds for enhancing HBCUs by strengthening their College and Universities Program and the Graduate Institutions (U.S. Department of Education, 1991). AANAPISIs are excluded from broader discourses on equity and s ocial justice thus limiting their system-wide policy considerations at state and national levels (Teranishi, 2010). AANAPSIs are academically successful however the low rates of college participation and degree

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Indigenous Religion Essay - 1785 Words

Indigenous religions, full of vibrancy and color, are often misconstrued or written off as primitive. Examples include: Animism, a belief system that stretches back to the earliest human and is still in practice today. It is thought to be a dangerous, shamanistic religious practice that is looked upon negatively. Buddhism, a religion that people believe is practiced only by environmentalists and the â€Å"hippies† of the world. The reality is it is practiced by the majority of East Asia. It has a powerful spiritual leader that has done a lot to bring awareness about the suffering of his country. And Vodou, which is misinterpreted to be a dangerous, violent religion where people participate in sacrificial rituals and wild sexual orgies. It is†¦show more content†¦Animism shows up in many different religions. In Buddhism all things have a soul, and because of that, all things are linked. There is also a rich afterlife concept, including karma and rebirth. In Hinduis m, god spirits inhabit animals, and there are evil and good spirits. In Christianity, evil spirits, such as the devil and demons, can possess humans; there is again the concept of an afterlife, dividing evil and good spirits in heaven and hell. Shamans were spirit healers in early tribal communities. They believed that the spirit was housed within the body. They healed the people of the tribes by using deep mental states of trance. Early tribes had shamans that would make concoctions out of hallucinogenic plants to send the sick or dying into another reality. They would dance and play music and chant while applying the concoctions in an attempt to heal the spirit. Animism is a powerful belief that everything has a soul. It is ancient, and because of this it has more primitive elements such as respect for all living things. Like animism, the indigenous beliefs of Buddhism are the foundation of many contemporary religions. Buddhism could be considered the next evolution of the belief of animism because Buddhism shares the belief that everything has a soul. Buddhism is also based on respecting all living things. This is what environmentalists and hippies are attracted to inShow MoreRelatedIndigenous Religions Essay1368 Words   |  6 PagesIndigenous Religions of the World What is an ‘indigenous’ religion or belief system? When we hear the term ‘indigenous religion’, what comes to our minds? How do we react internally when those words are mentioned? How do adherents of indigenous religions feel about those outside of their social and cultural circles, who know very little of their beliefs and who understand them even less. And how did the term ‘indigenous’ become associated with various belief systems that, in many cases, precededRead MoreEssay on Indigenous Religion: Druid Religion672 Words   |  3 PagesThe Druids are a major division of Indigenous Religion and are located in the British Isles and Scotland. The Druids are most commonly associated with the Indigenous Celtic people of Ireland. Druids are known to have existed as far back as 3rd century B.C.E. (History of Britain: Rise and Fall of the Druids) The Druids passed down rituals and history through stories rather than through written text so a lot is still unknown about how they lived. There are still many people in today’s culture who activelyRead MoreThe Indigenous Religions Of The World1244 Words   |  5 PagesThe Indigenous Religions of the World Throughout the world there are many various religions, some very common to you and I. However, there are many religions that are common in several isolated places all around the world in Japan, Australia, and the Americas. Many of these religions, called Indigenous Religions are based on nature, and the earth. The practice of these religions is considered sacred to the people that follow them. Many of these indigenous people are fully sacrificed to their religionRead MoreEssay on Indigenous Religions of the World1535 Words   |  7 PagesIndigenous religions exist in every climate around the world and exhibit a wide range of differences in their stories, language, customs, and views of the afterlife. Within indigenous communities, religion, social behavior, art, and music are so intertwined that their religion is a significant part of their culture and virtually inseparable from it. These religions originally developed and thrived in isolation from one another and are some of the earliest examples of religious practice and beliefRead MoreIndigenous African Religions1192 Words   |  5 PagesSan hunter-gatherers and the Bantu speaking farmers in every aspect of their unique cultures; how these two groups met and how they influenced each other. I will also discuss the influence the Colonists had on indigenous African cultures and if it is appropriate to refer to all the indigenous cultures as one collective group of people by discussing what these two groups (San hunter-gatherers and Bantu speaking people) have in common. Since there are no written records of the pre-colonial period, allRead MoreAfrican Indigenous Religions Essay930 Words   |  4 PagesIntroduction African traditional religions were the first recorded religions to grace the plains and coasts of Southern Africa and possibly even the world. The earliest group of people living in Southern Africa has been named the San people. It was thought that San etchings and implements found in caves dated back to between 10 000 and 20 000 years ago (Deacon, 1999). However in 2008 the oldest art to date was found in a cave in Still Bay in Cape Town, called the ‘Blombos’ cave. It was named by ChristopherRead MoreFreedom Of Religion : Indigenous People And The United Nations2340 Words   |  10 PagesFreedom of religion is a widely accepted right recognized through various governments and the United Nations. In Canada this right has been neglected for Indigenous people, specifically First Nations. Indigenous religions describe a religion that belonged to the people who are originally from an area. They are known to be holistic and focus on relationships, whether that be with the Cr eator, the land or the people. They often have a common belief that they are apart of nature and it is viewed asRead MoreIndigenous Religions : Native American Indians Essay823 Words   |  4 PagesAround the world, many indigenous religions exist and share their beliefs and culture with other individuals around them. Indigenous religions are unique because in the world today, a lot of people can go back in history and reveal that they came from indigenous people. When examining indigenous religions, there are a variety of cultures within this religion, but specifically looking at the Native American Indian tribes, there were many ways they practiced their culture in order to serve a purposeRead MoreReligious Beliefs And Practices Common Among Indigenous Religions964 Words   |  4 PagesIn what ways might the various beliefs and practices common among indigenous religions relate to definitions of religion as being that which binds back or re-connects people to an underlying and g reater sacred reality? Although western religions have some parallels, indigenous religions are much more interconnected with each other and their sacred reality. After reading this chapter, it is apparent that studies have found there is a greater connection between the people and the earth. WhileRead MoreIndigenous Religions and Their Sacred Reverence Toward Nature2252 Words   |  10 PagesIndigenous Religions and their Sacred Reverence Toward Nature Kimberly Kitterman Barstow Community College Abstract Many indigenous religions and cultures viewed the earth with great respect and reverence. This can be seen through their kinship with the land, their belief in animism, their hunter/hunted relationship, and their origin stories. Indigenous Religions and their Sacred Reverence Toward Nature Most indigenous cultures had a profound respect for their environment. They believed that

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Comparing The Chacmool With The Woman Of Willendorf

TAJH RAY Art 150-501 Fall 2016 Research Paper Prof. D Gaffney mars and venus: comparing the chacmool with the woman of willendorf Modern figurines of art stem directly from the hands of the ancient’s. The organic forms of modernly sculpted artifacts can most likely be directly referenced to the movements of prehistoric artworks. There seems to be an ongoing transition on how cultures no matter how stretched apart through time, contrasted by ethnicity or religious views; can all be somewhat related to each other by the methods or principles portrayed through their artworks. In fact, I saw that very transition; within two works in which are extremely different in meaning, craftsmanship, time, culture and so on. However, I was still able to find similarities within the artifacts. In this paper I will examine Venus of Willendorf, a Paleolithic carving in limestone; which can fit in the palm of one’s hand. As well as, The Sacrifice of Chacmool, which are a plethora of Mesoamerican statues emulating rituals of sacrifice. The Chacmool fi gures are always portrayed with their heads looking at their sides and their backs to the ground, upon their stomachs are bowls in which people would place offerings to the gods. The Chacmool’s primary function was to hold offerings for rituals; the offerings would range from common foods to human organs. Archeologist suggests that the figures were found in ruins of the ancient cities Teotihuacan and Tula. They suggest that the works

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Dunbarin free essay sample

Tosin Sowemimo is the first out of four children. She was born on October 1st 1965. Her parents are Mr. amp; Mrs. Olatawura. She belongs to a family of 6. She has 3 younger siblings; Olayiwola Olatawura who is a doctor, Funmi Akindele who is also a doctor and Titilola Olatawura who is a pharmacist. She attended Maryhill Convent School primary school in Ibadan. Later on in life she attended St. Anne’s secondary school. Later on in life she attended University of Ife and UNILAG (University Of Lagos). She has two masters both in Law.. Her place of Origin is Ekiti in Ondo State. Mrs. Tosin Sowemimo grew up at Old Bodija in Ibadan and later relocated to New Bodija. She got married on the 29th of January 1994. She met her husband, Olugbemiga Sowemimo, at university. Her hobbies include swimming, reading amp; travelling . Tosin’s favourite times of the year include summer because she can rest and have fun; and Christmas because it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. We will write a custom essay sample on Dunbarin or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Her favourite foods include Pounded Yam amp; Efo Riro (National) and Steak amp; Potatoes (Continental). Currently she is an Event Manager. She runs â€Å"Etceteera All The Details†¦Ã¢â‚¬  which is one of the leading event management companies in Nigeria. She is also a pastor at The Fountain of Life Church Ilupeju. She is a proud of mother of 3. Her daughters are Dunbarin, Murewa and I, Morountodun. She is a fun and energetic person; one to always make people laugh. She has quite a number of friends and they all think positively of her. Her principle in life is â€Å"If you can’t do something the right way then don’t do it at all. † Her favourite colour is Orange and her favourite drink is Coke.

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Atticus Essays - Atticus, Ron Hansen, Detective Mystery, Dad Scott

Atticus Essays - Atticus, Ron Hansen, Detective Mystery, Dad Scott Atticus Atticus, a deeply affecting novel by Ron Hansen, opens in winter on the high plains of Colorado to the tropics of Mexico, as well as from the realm of whodunit detective mystery to the larger realm of the Mystery, which has its own heartbreaking, consoling, and redemptive logic. Misunderstanding, dissolute, prodigal, wayward, wastrel, alias, and bribery are only a few words that tell the powerful story of Atticus. The case was labeled as a suicide. The body was identified as forty-year-old Scott William Cody, a blue-eyed white male. The plot of the book takes three sharp turns. It begins as a conventional novel about the relationship between a father and his troubled adult son. After one character dies, it zigs into a murder mystery, and by the end has zagged into something entirely different, a parable, let's say, in which characters find redemption. Atticus Cody, Colorado cattle rancher turned oilman, appears at first to be a remote and judgmental dad, but as we observe the gentle, persistent concern he shows for his wayward son Scott, we discover nothing less than the ideal dad. Scott's testing of his father's love goes way beyond normal bounds: his alcoholism and general irresponsibility actually cause the deaths of several other characters. Scott's peregrinations take Atticus from his home in Colorado to the slums and bohemian underworld of a Mexican town. There, Atticus confronts a seamy and labyrinthine corruption that tries to separate him from the love of his son. Atticus, the Father, won't let go, and that's the point. In my humble opinion, the message of the book is that an ultimately moving meditation on the ineffable, unmatchable love between a parent and a child should always be a close bond, because you might not have a second chance for reconciliation. Atticus Cody receives a surprise Christmas visit from Scott, his estranged son who has been leading the life of a wastrel expatriate in Mexico. The friction between them is electric, and despite Atticus's profound love for his son he is unable to overcome the differences between them, and Scott returns to Mexico with their conflicts unresolved. Any hopes for reconciliation end when Scott supposedly commits suicide a few weeks later. Atticus journeys to Mexico to recover the body and he uncovers the story of his son's death, fitting together the pieces of mosaic that was Scott's life in Mexicoand encountering a group of disturbing characters along the way. Upon learning the circumstances surrounding his son's death, Atticus begins to suspect Scott was murdered. Unsatisfied with the police investigation, the sixty-seven year old father begins his own, struggling to comprehend the enigma of Scott's life and final days. It is an investigation that leads Atticus to an unexpected, but emot ionally satisfying conclusion. Scott alias Reinhardt Schmidt, finally stopped the charade and disclosed his true identity and reunited with his father, bringing them closer than ever before. Scott Cody was in a lot of turmoil. He felt as if he was nothing, and couldn't do anything productive with his life. He was suicidal and was treated for it, where he also madly fell in love with Renata, his on-and-off girlfriend. He felt devastated when he lost her to another man. Scott was in even greater trouble when he was involved in a hit-and-run accident, where he killed a seventeen-year-old girl. The girl's boyfriend went after Scott, and accidentally murdered Reinhardt Schmidt instead of Scott. Scott realizes that will be a dead man if he doesn't take on Schmidt's identity. But soon enough, Scott realizes all the devastation that he brought to his family and to his friends, and so then he decides to unfold the truth behind his identity. I think I speak for everyone when I say this, we usually take people for granted. We don't talk the way we should, or express ourselves to the fullest. We later regret our behaviors when it's too late. Each day is a new day, and no one can really predict the contents, whether its good or bad. We should all treat each other with respect and love for one another, and treasure every moment you have with one another, because you never know what life will have in store for

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Todays Politics of the Mexican Government essays

Todays Politics of the Mexican Government essays Even with the National Action Partys 61-year existence it was only able to gain the support required to win an election this past year (lcweb2, frd_7olY). The party had always, with the exception of two elections, been able to win second place to the Institutional Revolutionary Party. It took the character of Vicente Fox to win the popular vote and remove the long ruling PRI. Fox wasnt the only force helping to end the 71 year one party rule, the National Democratic Institute, which oversees the validity of elections in democratically struggling countries, watched carefully to see that the PRI did not continue its traditional election tampering. With the election of Fox, the Mexican people are expecting the new party to do what the former government couldnt. If Fox fails it could lead the country away from the path to democracy. Vicente Fox is a 58-year-old divorced father of four adopted children who had spent most of his adult life rising through the political ranks and fighting the PRI the whole way. He was not unaccustomed to fighting his way to success after his career with Mexicos Coca-Cola Corporation. He began at Coke as a route supervisor and within 10 years became the companys youngest president at age 32. Entering politics at 1987 he won a federal Congressmans seat just a year later. In the same year he began his protest of fraud in the presidential elections by taping the burning of electoral ballots. He lost his bid for the governor of his home state allegedly due to the PRIs election tampering but this only further set his mind on the presidency. Rather than depend on the support of those in the National Action Party, Fox established the Friends of Fox to raise the money and the support for his presidential run (ft, spc886). The Campaign was a tough one, Fox and Labastida, the PRI candidate, were considered to be in a dead heat right up to the elect...

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Alternative fuel sources for automobiles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Alternative fuel sources for automobiles - Essay Example The increased use of CNG vehicles would make the United States less dependent on foreign sources of oil. The current supply of natural gas will last for generations and new drilling techniques are reaching natural gas locked in shale deposits. The process of fracturing the shale using high-pressure liquids is referred to as fracking. This new technique promises to provide cheap natural gas for well over a hundred years (Efstathiou and Chipman, 2011). Aside from the political benefits, CNG cars have very low emissions (Alternative, 2011). The greenhouse gas spewing combustion of current gasoline powered vehicles would be a thing of the past. While it is true that natural gas is a fossil fuel, and it is not a renewable fuel, burning it in vehicles will go a long way towards reducing our nation’s carbon footprint. Some vehicles that use CNG are Dedicated CNG vehicles, meaning they can only burn compressed natural gas. Other vehicles are Bi-Fuel vehicles, meaning they have small t anks that use gasoline as well as CNG tanks. The Bi-Fuel cars are popular because they have a greater range than Dedicated vehicles (Natural, 2011). There are drawbacks to CNG cars.